Pearson has proven its success for all types of learning by bringing together the world's leading educational brands, providing holistic education solutions; is a legal, administrative and financially independent, open and transparent training company.

Pearson also carries out external quality assessment and accreditation activities in higher education institutions, based on the vision of "helping people make their lives more efficient through learning", it operates as the world's largest provider of educational solutions. It serves more than 30,000 employees in 70 different countries worldwide.

DISC|akademi; is the solution partner of Pearson Professional trainings and Versant Placement Test in the Human Resources sector.

IXLY is a human resources company founded in 2005 in the Netherlands to produce solutions in the field of Human Resources. IXLY has a team of approximately 50 people, consisting of consultants, psychologists, statistics and methodologists.

It carries out its research independently to evaluate and improve the quality of IXLY tests, the purpose of which is to provide a wide range of modern, affordable and quality tests and inventories for professional business life and online psychological evaluations and career development of employees, and collaborates with some universities for research purposes.

DISC|akademi; IXYL, all inventory and testing is offered as a solution partner of Turkey in Turkish, English and German.



Thalento Solutions provides workforce optimizations with the most up-to-date assessment solutions, talent solutions and talent intelligence tools.

Cloud Solutions provides evidence-based insights and decision information for all stages of the talent lifecycle. It offers solutions ranging from choosing and managing the right talent, managing and developing people and teams, to career orientation and senior career coaching.

Thalento Solutions, is used by our global and local customers in 26 different languages in more than 50 countries in various sectors.

DISC|akademi; Thalento‘s is the solution partner of Turkey. is a human resources portal that brings together candidates and employers, established in 2000.

More than 155 thousand companies prefer Yenibiriş, from multinational companies to SMEs, startups and human resources consultants.

DISC|akademi; It is a solution partner as a service provider in measuring the behavioral and cognitive suitability of all companies that publish their ads on


Baraka Danışmanlık

Baraka Consulting has been providing services to institutions and individuals in their service areas in their development, changes, crises, renewals, achievements and new beginnings since its establishment.

In all of its works, it carries out studies specific to the institution with the awareness that each institution is unique. Education is an individual and corporate behavior development tool for Baraka Consulting. Provides experience on awareness raising for the development of behavior, enables training programs that enable people to know themselves and manage their development, creates and implements them according to the special needs of the institution.

DISC|akademi and Baraka Consultancy acted together in the process of designing DISC Personality Asessment according to Turkish Norms in 2004. They work together in the process of providing educational content and providing corporate trainings based on their collaboration over 15 years.

Istanbul Kumpanyası was founded in 2011 by Binnur Şerbeçioğlu. While interpreting classical, contemporary, domestic and foreign plays, neutral, understandable and sincere; It provides service in the theater world with its young and strong staff by integrating with love and respect.

DISC|akademi and Istanbul Kumpanyası DISC Drama online and the first time in Turkey, according to Turkish norms adapted DISC Theory combines the entertaining world with the theater, which is the art of human expression, and gives the participants an unforgettable experience.

İstanbul Kumpanyası