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Assessment Center implementations generates effective solutions for predicting administrative success and using the educational infrastructure in the right places. It enables you to benefit from our Assessment Center services tailored for your company with our expert assessors.

Recruitment Evaluation

DISC|akademi tools provide a comprehensive service for you to specify the right candidates for your business with "Internal Assessment Center" structure which has high validity and reliability scores.

Traditional methods (interviews) used during recruitment processes may be insufficient to reveal the suitability of your staff to the company culture and their potential for success in the position they will work. The Assessment Center applications allow you to analyze your candidates with scientific methods and to better understand them with a series of designed questions and scenarios.

Virtual Evaluation

DISC|akademi has a new generation evaluation system, Virtual Assessment Center; which allows organizations to manage competency-based assessments on their own.

According to the researches, one of the biggest challenges faced by human resources departments is not being able to identify the right person in the recruitment process. Applications with systematic storage areas that can analyze instantly with tests and inventories sent online to candidates provide a significant competitive advantage in today's challenging recruitment environment.

Inhouse Evaluation

DISC|akademi's internal employee assessment packages provide a holistic structure that covers the current employees' job skills, cognitive and behavioral skills.

Skilled and motivated employees are at the center of a smooth workflow and long-term success. Therefore, assessment center practices play an active role not only in recruitment processes, but also in improving the performance of existing employees. Determining the career goals of current employees in the business, reorganizing their competencies in line with the expectations of the company and controlling their suitability with the institution supports the more successful workforce.

Specially designed for you with scientific methods! You can realize the
"Assessment Center" design with affordable costs!

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