The Right Person for the Right Job

In the process of recruitment, selection and evaluation, or reshaping the organizational structure, the suitability of the candidates for the position is determined. It is determined whether there is a clear relationship between the character traits and performances of the persons. In order to make more accurate decisions in the selection and evaluation process or in reshaping the organizational structure, the creation of standard work profiles contributes to the reduction of the circulation rate and the increase of efficiency.

Objective And Holistic Perspectives

The ideal employee qualifications, which should be in all positions within the company, are determined by the Job Suitability Analysis application.

Behavioral competencies are revised by revealing the differences between job analysis and job descriptions and current implementation of the job. The analyzes which are revealed according to the corporate culture and the suitability of the position, the most suitable profiles for the company standards are determined, since a scientific-based method that is far from subjective judgments is followed.

Scientifically Proven Results

The results, accompanied by a scientific infrastructure, contain objective information.

The job descriptions of the people working in the relevant position and the qualifications expected from the position to be standard job profile are determined. This definition; In addition to the compliance of the institution with its goals and vision, the person's connection with character traits and DISC factors are checked.

Low Circulation

The more suitable the position for the person to work, the more efficient and happy working rate increases.

Establishing a suitability analysis to ensure that the right decisions are made in the selection and evaluation process or in reshaping the organizational structure; contributes to reduced circulation rate and increased efficiency. In the study carried out to place the right person in the right position; corporate culture, executive expectations, performance analysis and DISC Personality Asessment values are calculated and a holistic result is obtained.

To reduce circulation, to reveal profiles suitable for position You can integrate
"Job Suitability Analysis" into your HR processes!

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